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Green ISP has been awarded "best buy" in an Ethical consumer magazine's ISP special investigating 16 of the most well known providers.



Founded in 2003, Green ISP is a not-for-profit, forward thinking, innovative Internet Services Provider(vISP), which aims to secure its vision of being securely placed to meet the understanding and requirements of our fast changing world, society and environment.

We offer an "affiliate scheme" to anyone who would like to promote the "Green ISP" vision and at the same time earn revenue for signing customers up via the Green ISP customer sign-up system on-line.
(Broadband and Subscription dial up only)



If you would like to become an affiliate please send an email to with an outline of your interests or business and we will send you a breakdown of revenues and related products which are included and the possible revenues per sign-up.

Sustainability is key:
(Not only being "Carbon Neutral")
We were the UK,s fist ISP to take this issue seriously.
Sustainable Development and Business "meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs"

Photosynthesis? "sequestration" or "Carbon Fix"
Is the conversion/absorbsion of carbon dioxide and water into a sugar called glucose using sunlight energy.
Oxygen is produced as a waste product.
Chlorophyll is the "green" chemical needed by plants for this process, CO2 is absorbed to help the tree grow.

We "assist" in the offset all of our estimated 25 Tonnes per year of CO2 (by "sequestration" or "Carbon Fix") by working with TreeSponsibility, a community based Climate Action Group, we also plant a tree for every new Broadband and Web Hosting customer, in effect becoming "carbon positive", we solar power our offices and operate within our environmental and ethical policy (we have been doing this since December 2003).

Solar PV PanelsGreen ISP office is solar PV powered 1/2Kw/450ah/24v-240v Inverted, all other electricity is supplied from renewable's provided by Good Energy the UK's only 100% renewable tarif .

LEFT: PV Panels 1/2KW.

We aim to run our operations in a completely radical way, our energy consumption will be from renewable sources, and all consumables will be as environmentally friendly as it is possible.

We aim to assure our vision of a business model fit for the future, so being as sustainable as we can be while impacting on our Planet as little as possible will help.

Green ISP
Unit 21
Hebble End Mill
Hebble end
Hebden Bridge
West Yorks.
HX7 6HJ.

Customer Services:
Tel: 0870 720 1690

Tel: 0845 058 0659

If you are one of our customers; either ISP Connectivity (i.e aDSL Broadband) or Web Hosting , why not tell your visitors?

You can do this by using one of our ready made links buttons on your web site which will let people know that you are being provides services by Green ISP the "environmentally guided ISP".

If you are not being provided a service by us us at present but would still like to promote our services because it sits well with your own ethics, please feel free to use the Green ISP button code below, or if you have other ideas and simply need the button please ask us and we will send you the logo via email or simply download it by clicking on it and choosing the download option from your mouse or navigation menus in the browser.

How to add the buttons and code to your web page.
Use the code guides below to add the button to your site.

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During 2007/08 we will be liaising with investors and technical experts in the field of Internet backbone connectivity and data-centre design to complete Europe's first "Solar Powered Data-centre" build, we will be meeting with key people interested in making this vision a reality, this is looking more likely to be in Portugal.
Any Investors or Internet companies wishing to be involved with this project, please contact us for an informal chat about what we can do together.

Further information on low power data-centres:

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Press Release - 18 Feb 2006
Press Release - 1 Jan 2005
Press Release - 1 Oct 2003
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